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JReal Da Realest Good Lord

Da Realest releases newest single titled “Good Lord.” Listen to
it today on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

6th 2017, JReal Da Realest released his newest single

by, and featuring Chase Aaron. Less than a few days after the
release, the song has been gaining great momentum nearing 10,000
total streams.

addition, to the release JReal has been seeing massive digital
success accumulating thousands of new fans and features with many
artists. JReal is considered to be a veteran in the game but with his
most recent push, he’s playing with fresh legs like the rookies.
Take a moment to listen to his new single “Good Lord” on Spotify

being from Los Angeles keeps a West Coast vibe to all his music. His
lyrics are a blend of the streets and a conscious mind. The beat
selection for his music is something you can hear bumping in a
lowrider on a Saturday night or in the hottest clubs in LA, its no
wonder he has so many features from artists like

Gooding & More.

get in touch with JReal Management

for guest list, interviews or performances

@Regrann from @officialchip – Didn’t even think I would still…

@Regrann from @officialchip – Didn’t even think I would still be on music by the time all this bull shit was over. Waited for 7th Nov 2017 for YEARS. One day ima write a book. You lot don’t know the HALF I promise you. Feeling 16 / 17 again though so it’s calm. Energy wise yanamean. Still young doe. Blaaaaad. Oi I’m gassed. Lord knows… tonight Matthew… I’m gonna be getting DRUNK!!!! Couldn’t have done it without @ashleyraecm and @isthisjc. So thank you two ya get me and everyone who’s supported me. #CM set in stone now. Mans FREEEEEEEEE 🙏🏾💙🐾 Kids… mind what you sign… n who you get yourself involved with. Truss. No better feeling than just making music with people who genuinely care about you even if you don’t wanna make music n just chill for some years. Bring all the RACKS back to the real. LOVE 💙🐾 #CM. New motivation now I’m free. MUD. Forever big up everyone who turned they back on me like a FOOL… turn back around see a #YSN FLEXIN B!!!! Ready to work harder than ever now. BLESS UP. – #regrann

@Regrann from @daqueenbreeze – Tomorrow tomorrow…

@Regrann from @daqueenbreeze – Tomorrow tomorrow
#TeamBiggaRankin / @CoolRunningDJS Conference Call |
#Tuesday #Nov 14th at 7pm Est with featured artists @kc_ruskii #TBRPriority | @its_lebo | @foreverdifferentbrand @freenellz @itslitt_44g & @gsboyzofficial214 | Hosted by @BiggaRankin00 @RapJuggernaut & #TonyDavisTheDJ. DJS Please check email for call-in info, if you have any questions or can not make the call, please email @TonyDavisTheDJ2Day via #CRDJS #WeWORK #DJsGetItFirstOnVirDiKO #NeverNotWorking @VirDiKO – #regrann

@Regrann from @coast2coastlive – Tonight #Coast2Coast LIVE IS…

@Regrann from @coast2coastlive – Tonight #Coast2Coast LIVE IS IN #Brooklyn, #NewYork 🚇

Location: @clubloveny_
225 47th St Brooklyn, NY 11220
Time: 9:00 PM
Judges: @musicmystro x @ghcoptic x @pkillertrackz
We will select the best new artist for the prizes! 🎤🎹🏆 – #regrann

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